Floor Sanding

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Make Your Floor Level Again With Floor Sanding

Floor Sanding | Tully Spagnoli Flooring : Brooklyn, NY

Floor sanding may be the trickiest part of finishing a wood floor. The sanders are heavy, and you have to keep them moving to avoid burning the floor. The sandpaper becomes choked with dust rapidly, so you have to replace the sheets frequently for a smooth finish. If you take down too much of the floor, then you shorten the life of the flooring by making it harder to refinish it later. Perhaps the biggest fear of working with any sander is creating a floor that actually has mild waves in it like a gentle ocean.

Even if you are installing your own floor and considering applying your own custom stain, you should still leave the sanding to the professionals. When you calculate the extra expense for renting a sander and buying the sheets of paper, you may decide that it’s worth a little extra to let the professionals provide you with a perfectly smooth surface.

The Benefits

When you call in our skilled team to sand your floor, you will enjoy several benefits. In addition to sanding your floor properly for a finish that’s perfectly smooth and level, we also take steps to keep the dust out of the rest of your house. Vents are covered, doorways are protected and we use a special HEPA-filter vacuum to pull the dust out of the air and the room. While we specialize in installing, refinishing and repairing wood floors, we are also happy to provide you with this one part of the service to help you create the wood floor of your dreams.

Whether you need a new custom floor installed, need some scratches repaired or want us to handle sanding the unfinished floor you installed, we are the right team to call. We have reasonable prices and your satisfaction is guaranteed. Call us today at 718-252-9128 for your free consultation and estimate.