Floor Refinishing

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Get The Perfect Look With Floor Refinishing

Floor Refinishing | Tully Spagnoli Flooring : Brooklyn, NY

Your floor takes a beating over time. High heels can leave little dents, your dog’s claws wear at the finish and spilled drinks that aren’t cleaned up can warp the wood. Whether you have watched the floor slowly deteriorate or have bought a home with damaged floors, the good news is that you can have them repaired and refinished.

With floor refinishing services, you don’t have to invest in an entirely new floor. It costs a fraction of the price, and your floor will look like new again. This isn’t a job for most homeowners because it takes years of practice to keep the floor perfectly level and smooth. However, we can provide you with a stunning professional finish that you are sure to love.

Preparing the Room – Preparing the room is a time-consuming process. However, if your floor is to be properly restored, it’s necessary to pull fixtures and baseboards. We include all of this labor in our quoted price.
Protection for Your Home – Sanding the floor kicks up an incredible amount of dust. We take steps to keep that dust contained by using vacuums with special HEPA filters and hanging plastic over doorways and vents.
Protection for the Family – The chemicals used in staining and sealing floors can produce harmful vapors. We take steps to keep the room properly vented to protect our team and your family.
Smooth Finish – Anyone who has stained a piece of furniture knows how easily bubbles can appear in the stain. Avoiding them while finishing a floor is even more challenging, but our team knows how to achieve a smooth and pristine finish that looks like it was applied at the factory.

Floor Repairs

You can also call us for help with repairs. Wood can be unpredictable, and it’s possible for an individual plank to split over time. Furniture being moved around on the floor can leave deep scratches in the wood, and the damage from a spilled drink that was ignored can be extensive. Whether the damage is simply from the passage of time or someone’s carelessness, you can count on us to make the floor look like new again. We carefully match the stain and blend the repair to ensure that your floor still looks incredible.

Whether you need the entire floor refinished or just one area repaired, call us for services you can trust and reasonable prices. We offer free consultations and estimates on all work, so call us today at 718-252-9128 for your appointment.