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Floor Install | Tully Spagnoli Flooring : Brooklyn, NY

We Will Do You Floor Install After Purchase

Trust the professionals for your entire floor install needs. We offer custom installations that will add beauty and grandeur to any Brooklyn home. With smooth floors and perfect seams, your floor will become one of the highlights of your home décor. Trust our team of professional installers to enjoy a stunning new look in your home.

Traditional Wood Floors – If you love the look of neat rows of planks marching neatly across the floor, choose a traditional look. We take our time lining up seams to keep the staggered across the floor, and we carefully choose every piece for color and the proper variation.
Perfect Transitions – Most homes don’t have wood floors throughout the property. Your wood floors will at some point line up with another material like ceramic in the kitchen and carpet in the parlor. We take our time with transitions to make sure they are straight and as smooth as possible.
Borders – Do you love the idea of a wood floor with a delicate border highlighting the perimeter? We excel at installing borders that are so smooth and perfect, people will look twice to see if they are painted on.
Patterns – Enjoy a stunning look that stands out with a checkerboard pattern or a stunning two-tone floor with a dark grid highlighting blond squares. We take our time with patterns to ensure that seams are tights, lines are straight and the pattern you have pictured in your mind is perfectly reflected on the floor.

We give free estimates, so call us today to see how much a customer wood floor installation will cost. Our experienced team is highly trained and passionate about installing beautiful wood floors. We offer the highest quality flooring services in the greater Brooklyn area, so call us today at 718-252-9128.